TXF DATA - The Tool

What is the Tool?

TXF has developed the market leading export finance transaction database.

The TXF Data Tool is a proprietary Microsoft Excel add-in that allows users to download, in excel, live data from that database.

Why is the Tool in Excel and not a website?

We have spoken to the market. Financiers gaining data from a third party always receive the data in Excel.

TXF’s data team has developed a product that allows you to download the data from our database directly into Excel and create off-line, up to date and customised reports in seconds. You can modify and filter the data to suit your business needs.


“A complete solution always comes with perfect service”

Bespoke services

For premium subscribers, TXF Data offers data consultancy services on a project-by-project basis

Some of our recent work includes:

  • A wide-ranging presentation delivered by the European Banking Federation to the European Commission and the European Central Bank.
  • A report for a top 10 bank into key growth markets to help shape a personnel relocation strategy
  • Supplying data for the US Exim 2015 Competitiveness Report submitted by the bank to the US House of Congress.
  • A bespoke presentation for one of the top 10 banks, delivered by a TXF director at an internal strategy event

Let us know about your project. We will be able to help.

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